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17 June 2009 @ 07:56 pm
My new T-shirt arrived today yay! I love it! I'm going to wear it even though it's really cold today, but I just absolutely adore it. It's this one:

Fresh from Binary Winter on Etsy www.binarywinter.etsy.com

And so begins my new project - dressing smarter. I'm sick of buying cheap, poor quality clothing that never fits well, falls apart quickly and makes me feel like a frump in my daggy clothes. It's such an easy trap to fall into- buying clothes from shops like SES, Jay Jays, Cotton On etc and sacrificing quality for a smaller price tag. This year I've decided that I want to start spending more on better quality clothing and buying more unique clothes that express my personality better. It's difficult though, I'm in desperate need of clothing at the moment and I've been so tempted to just buy some more el-cheapo tops and skirts to get me through until I can begin this new way of dressing, but so far I have stayed determined and focused, boycotting the nasty clothes. It's just unfortunate that I'm in a difficult financial situation at the moment also. And winter clothes are so much more expensive, but I must stay strong!

The shirt above is wonderful, it fits perfectly and I adore the design. Add that to my limited number of outfits in which I feel fantastic...

When I have money again, I want to buy this: 
Etsy again, isnt it gorgeous? It's made by sandmaiden and is 100% pure merino wool! Sandmaiden makes lounge wear but I think this top is so beautiful I'd wear it anywhere. However, it's $90 US and just now my priorities lie with other clothing items eg warm skirts & dresses for Canada. Don't think it's odd buying skirts/dresses for cold climates, I have discovered that it is actually far warmer to wear a warm, woollen dress or skirt with a good thick pair of stockings (or good-quality leggings) than to wear pants. My mission this year was to buy several really beautiful dresses and/or skirts so that I can pack less when I return to Canada, but feel better in the clothes that I pack. Last year was dreadful, I lost so much weight that my already boring & ugly clothes became just plain indecent. I don't know how I got through! No more of that for me! I will buy clothes that last too, so that I can keep on building on my wonderful collection!

Ah so many things to do. For starters, I need to find a good place to shop... That is not easy. ..